Auf ihrem Blog Grain de Sable  spricht Anne Sophie eigentlich eher über Mode und Lifestyle. Sie hat eine Detox mit uns gegönnt! Ihre ganze Review gibt es hier zu lesen:

The detox cure are very popular in California, I have a certain curiosity with these cures, what benefits does it provide? I wanted to test a 3 days special cure detox of Fit’n tasty founded by Wendy Vanhonacker here in Romandie.

How it works ? We have 6 drinking juices per day every 2 hours for 3 days and a meal without meats or fish at noon.

Here is the composition of the juices.

1 – Ginger, lemon, water

2 – Apple, pear, spinach, cucumber, spirulina

At noon – A light meal to prepare yourself or following Fit’n tasty recipe.

3 – Carrot, apple, kiwi

4 – Beetroot, apple, carrot, parsley, lemon

5 – Apple, celery, kale, lemon

6 – Cucumber, celery, lettuce, spinach

Tuesday morning, I have a big smile, my cooler filled with juice has arrived, I rush into the kitchen and put them in my fridge and I prepare to taste my juice no 1, goodbye my sandwiches, I take my time to drink my freshly squeezed juice, ginger-lemon addict, this moment is just nice for me.

11 am: small hunger, but it is reassuring it is the time of my juice no2 that fills me the urge to eat.

For noon I prepare a nice salad with vegetables and fruits, I feel moderately satiated and besides I wonder how I will make to hold the blow for 24 hours.

In the afternoon, a bit more difficult, cravings to nibble, suddenly the almonds and dried fruits that are not very solicited in my daily become my best friends. In the evening, no meal, I swallow my last juice two hours before sleeping, talking about sleeping I have not managed to reach Morpheus, is it due to this draconian regime that disturb my body?

Wednesday, visually the design of the bottle motivates to start again, so let’s go! Given my meal of the previous day too light for my taste, for lunch I am a recipe recommended by Fit’n tasty, pasta without gluten avocado sauce, olive oil, lemon and basil, a real treat, I am full .

Nibbling cravings begin around 5 pm, almonds are you here? Wendy is getting news, it helps me, it feels less alone, I reboost myself. A night still difficult but better than yesterday.

Thursday, the last day, I feel very tired, besides I feel the cracking, because to see my men eat, it begins difficult, especially when my son looks at me and tells me that it will not happen To finish his good creamy ice cream … but finally I resist, until the evening when I feel a need energy, Newen have to much energy today so I had to  offering me a meal in the evening.


We feel the freshness of the juices, a little bit of trouble even with the number 6, but it’s personal, I do not like the celery is very pronounced.

I advise you to do this cure when you have three rather quiet days.

The design of the bottle makes you want to taste. Price level could be said to be expensive (approx.9.- bottle), but I think if you think a little further, the price holds the road even though I think it would be more accessible if a little less high. After the cure, it motivates to re-feed healthy and we want to continue their juices while consuming our 3 meals a day because that also it is possible.

Another big thank you to Wendy for this beautiful discovery.

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