When summer rolls around, eating out takes on a whole new meaning. Who doesn’t love dining alfresco when the sun is out, the birds are singing and the weather is warm? From a seaside rendezvous to the lake or from the park to your garden…any place, at any time is possible. Plus picnics are just so much fun! They are the perfect opportunity to lie outside on your favorite blanket, watch small clouds go by in the blue sky, and unwind! But the ultimate question is: “what shall I pack?”


Let’s get comfy

A picnic isn’t’ a proper picnic if you don’t have a big, large comfortable blanket where you can lay down and roll around. If you wanna be extra cozy, also bring a fluffy pillow. You will not regret it once you start reading that exciting book of yours!


Music music music

If you’re a fan of George Gershwin’s summer time and you wanna add a little relaxing mood to your picnic then pack your ipod with your favorite playlist and ask your friend to bring the speakers. Music is a great way to disconnect and let it be for a while.


It’s always important to have some water. But water’s so boring. Therefore prepare some infused strawberry and lemon water ahead of time, just to add a little something extra to your drinks. Still too boring? How about some homemade ice tea? Ok not quite there yet I guess…you probably wanna get fizzy. This will be love at first sight: raspberry-mint champagne cocktail…Doesn’t it sound so refreshing? Plus it’s super easy to make!

If you however prefer to stay healthy, Fit ’n’ Tasty proposes a wide selection of fresh cold pressed juices from our Juice Boxes selection that are perfect to sip on a hot summer day. Plus they will please both grownups and children.

jus jus

Yummylicious food

Packing food for a picnic is not always easy. Don’t preoccupy yourself with it too much, just bring fun foods that are easy to pack and easy to eat. We suggest some delicious focaccia tomato mozzarella sandwiches and a delicious homemade pesto dressing.  Also pack some veggies with a nice beetroot hummus dip. For cheese and saucisson lovers, those are a must that should go directly into the basket. And of course fresh fruits such as cherries, strawberries, watermelon are always a treat after a copious summer meal.



















Let the games begin

What’s a picnic without a little fun? Don’t’ forget to bring a board game, some cards or even a ball and Frisbee cause, before, during, and after eating you will always find a little time to fool around.

Don’t forget dessert!

After a generous feast: there’s nothing better than to lie down, relax, read a book, laugh and munch on delicious cupcakes. Cupcakes are easy to transport, you can prepare them ahead and put them in little jars. And for a grand finale, if you’re a marshmallow fan, don’t hesitate to make a small fire and grill them to make some S’mores!



Not to forget

  • Forks, knives and spoons
  • Plates
  • Glasses
  • Cooler
  • Cutting board
  • Napkins
  • Trash bag


So pack your basket, put on your funky shades and don’t forget your new hot bikini and your sunscreen! Delight yourself and stay healthy!