A sport for each of us !

Sports and wellness are key factors in our lives today; the media, celebrities and social media remind it to us every day. The year 2026 has just kicked off and it is now time to start working on all of our good resolutions. If you don’t know where to start, don’t panic ! Here is a quick summary of the different types of sports that you can try.


High intenstiy

Kalya, Rich, Kenneth or Kacy. You don’t know them yet? These Instagram stars have been changing the work out game.

Austalian and American, always a step ahead for all things sport related, these online coaches gave us the drive to change our lives. Kayla Itsines, for example, is a 23 year old coach who is now at the head of an empire that counts more than 2 million fans on Instagram. Her book  « 12-week Bikini Body Guide » proposes 28 minute workouts and thousands of copies were sold. It has changed the lives of countless girls around the world who have finally found health.

What is their secret? The HIIT, High-Intensity Interval Training. These workouts are very short but very intense. According to an interesting study made in Australia**, high intensity training helps you burn fat 5 times faster than regular and less intense training. Bootcamps, CrossFit, Functional Training, Spinning.. all of these activities are categorized as « intense ».

Intensity allows us to transform our body in a fast and effective manner. But we must look further than the physical side and also embrace our minds. Sometimes, high intensity is not what you need and in this case, more calm activities can be helpful.

Yoga, Pilates & Co.

Yoga represents a discipline that helps harmonise the body, the breath and the spirit by relaxation, action and energy circulation.

This practice has grown a lot lately; accoding to 2013’s statistics, more than 15 million americans now practice yoga and they also spent 27 million dollars on derived products (clothes, mats etc). This discipline must have two or three secrets that benefit our physical and mental health.

Yoga helps us control our mind and our thoughts. It forces us to focus on our movements and on our breathing, the key to the yoga practice. Yoga could also help us manage stress and anxiety, typical signs of burnouts. This is very well explained in Annabelle Peclard’s article Le Burnout, la maladie des battants. She is a psychologist specialised in analysing how we deal with work.

There are many ways to do yoga; on a Stand up Paddle, upside down while doing Acrobatic Yoga but also in pairs, if you try Fly Yoga.

Pilates was invented by a german nurse who was imprisoned during the First World War! It is based, like yoga, on breathing techniques and maintaining a certain posture. This discipline has more than 500  exercises and can be done on the ground or using certain machines. Its benefits are countless; it tonifies, diminishes pain and is great for people who do not like intense sports or sports altogether.

Interior peace, positivity, self esteem and sculpted body: yoga and pilates will benefit you in many ways.

Let’s get those mats !

Martial Arts

For those who are searching for a very different activity, why not try a combat sport?

Combat sports are not what they seem, they are not promoting attacks or fights, on the contrary. All of these disciplines demand strategy, reflexion, and self control. What is even more powerful is the respect that the fighters have around each other, but also between students and coaches. More mainstream sports could add these values to their own.

Martial arts represent a school of life ! Its complexity and requirements prepare any fighter, amateur or professional, to take on life’s challenges in a more positive and strong manner and to find creative solutions to every problem. These sports demand a physical preparation and a great control of ones mind and body. Finally, it is important to underline that anyone can start a combat sport and change their life.


The offer in every discipline is very rich in our region. If you are searching for a new challenge and you don’t know where to head for advice, try One Step More, a new website that references all of the sports and wellness venues around you. If you have any questions, I am here to help you find the right sport for you. Have fun and train hard in your new healthy life.


Mario Argi, founder of One Step More. Crazy about sports and the « healthy lifestyle », Marion decided to develop One Step More to help professionals from the sports, nutrition and wellness industries get in touch with their potential clients.