Le blog de Lara @VanillaCrunnch sur Instagram et sur le web est une vraie mine d’or pour tout besoin d’inspiration! Ses articles donnent envie de se faire plaisir tout en mangeant sainement! Il manquerai plus que l’option ‘commander’ sur son site pour pouvoir recevoir à domicile ses créations et suggestions!

La semaine dernière Lara a remplacé ces habituels brownien au chocolat et cupcakes vegan contre une cure détox de nos jus BIO. Elles avaient déjà tenté une journée il y a quelques temps, mais la voilà cette fois-ci qui voulait tenter la cure sur 5 jours.

Voici son article! Merci Lara d’avoir partagé ton expérience!

My little Detox journey

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YAAAY to me! I managed to do a 5 days detox and gained a lot of knowledge about detoxing. As a detox basis I had the juices from @fitntasty. Check out their homepage it is so nicely designed! You can also order there which is pretty convenient! The juice is then brought to your house and always on time! Pretty impressive!

When I started I really thought I would feel tired and less concentrated. BUT actually I just had some downs the first two days when I really felt that my body is cleaning itself. I experienced short head aches that usually disappeared when I drank some herbal tea. On day 3 I woke up feeling really active and enthusiastic.and then day 4 and 5 were easy peasy. This is certainly also the case because the juices from Fitntasty really taste authentic and yummi. There was not one flavor I did not like and I am quite a picky person. Just saying 😉 What I really missed during these days were my sweets and homemade chocolates. But know what? They tasted even better after the detoxing. It seems like you taste and smell food way more intensive than before.

So I could recommend a detox to everyone! I will definitely repeat this with my boyfriend! I think it is even more fun to do it together!