Acupuncture is often overlooked when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle, becoming fitter and loosing those extra kilos. But sometimes going the alternative way is what it takes to get there. Right now, you’re probably asking yourself “how will sticking a bunch of pointy needles all over my body get me in shape and lead me towards a healthier lifestyle?” and “will I have to chant while I’m at it?” – Let me reassure you: there’s no chanting involved.

The origin of Chinese medicine is a captivating story and acupuncture represents only one facet of their medical system.  To get comfortable with this trendy method, let’s first go back a few centuries to take a look at the roots of acupuncture. The practice of acupuncture originated in China about 2000 years ago.   The theory behind acupuncture is that energy flows through the human body and mind and this energy can be channeled to create a proper balance and health.

The Chinese call this energy “qi” and they believe it travels throughout the body along twelve channels. These channels are in other words our main organs and functions of the body. The purpose of acupuncture is to correct any imbalances of the qi energy and reestablish it by inserting needles in the skin at different key points of the “energy pathway” to stimulate it. And guess what? There are more than 400 acupuncture points that are effective to treat various illnesses and disorders, including getting fitter and healthier!

Fitness is at the core of acupuncture. Several of the benefits of acupuncture fit right with the idea of getting in shape or staying fit. In Chinese medicine, the belief of weight gain is caused by the imbalance of the body due to the malfunctioning of several organs. Acupressure works like magic. By applying little pressure on different critical points it will strengthen the digestive system which will help you control your appetite and influence your overall wellbeing. For example, points such as the kidneys, the spleen and thyroid gland are key acupuncture points that address water retention, hormonal and sugar level rebalancing.




Now this is gonna sound kinda weird, but basically the ear is also known to play an important role in acupuncture to help shake off those extra kilos. There are two types of ear acupuncture: one which uses one needle that is gently placed in the ear’s “hunger point”, which is directly linked to your appetite. The other one uses five needles which are placed in five different key points of the ear which are link to the stomach, the spleen and hunger.  Applying pressure on these points will release heat and moisture and improve the blood circulation to lose weight. So say goodbye to stressful nights, painful workouts, bloated stomachs and hello to feeling strong and fit.

It might be a little scary and some of you might think it looks super painful, but on the contrary it’s actually quite relaxing.  Here are a few acupuncture centers in Lausanne and the rest of Switzerland that we recommend:

  1. Sino medica –
  2. Centre de soins en médecine traditionnelle chinoise –
  3. Integrated acupuncture –


So be open-minded, relax and try something different!