Simon Nygard  a tout récemment essayé notre cure First Date. Il l’a faite en même temps que son amie Ilenia Toma du blog Ilivanilli , toute l’expérience a été photographiée par la talentueuse Jen Ries. On a adoré pouvoir lire deux feedbacks en parallèle, de la part de deux personnes faisant la cure en même temps. On se réjouit que vous découvriez la suite (en anglais) !




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Detox day!
Yesterday me and Ilenia did a detox day with the juices from
This was my very first detox day!
I did never really thought about doing it as I eat very clean already,
and prefer solid food over all these shakes and drinks which always leaves me hungry,
because it´s already broken down and very easy for your stomach to digest.
Anyway I wanted to try it out for the very first time!
We did the First Date program, which includes 6 juices for one whole day.
This is how the day went by:

We started at 9am with the Fuel Me (ginger, lemon, water).
A Very bitter taste, because of that you can reduse your appetite, was helpful as my appetite is big in the morning!
12pm we had our second bottle, Deep Clean (apple, pear, spinach, cucumber, spirulina)
You could have a small meal with it if you like but we decided to do only the juices.
2pm we had to cheat with a coffee, as I was starting to feel a bit tired and Ilenia started to have a bit of an headache,
of course after the coffee we felt a bit better!
3pm I had my third juice, Pimp Me Up (carrot, apple, kiwi).
A very satisfying flavour ! We loved this one <3
6pm we opened juice number four, the Beet The Stress (beetroot, apple, carrot, parsley, lemon).
The day had passed by good for me so far! ( maybe also thanks to that coffee haha! )
Juice number five we drank arround 9pm, the Dr. Green (apple, kale, celery, lemon).
A strong flavour of celery, very interesting!
During the whole day I never felt a big hunger, so the day went by smooth.
A big help for me was to drink a lot water during the whole day!
To avoid an empty stomach.
Our last juice we had just right before we went to bed, the Detox In Green (cucumber, celery, lettuce, spinach, lemon).
This was the only one I didn’t enjoy at all, not a happy ending!
But for the program I think it works well, as it really kills your appetite before going to bed!

Overall the detox day was a success!
I feel fresh and more pure now the day after!
I am very sure that I will start doing this more often for the future.
did their part and I am very happy about their detox package!
Thank you!
AND for all of you that never tried a detox day,
you should definitely give it a try 🙂

Photography: Jen Ries