On her blog, Laura speaks about new years resolutions and her five day detox cleanse ! On top of that, she chose the Green Warrior cleanse, which is the hardest. Good job ! Read her review below.

Dear all,
My first post for 2016 is now ready, and we’re going to talk about good resolutions! For this new year, I would like to have better life habits.

I’m really determined to do more sport, eat better food, take better care of my skin… And what better way than a detox to get back on tracks ?

After months following Fit’n’Tasty on Instagram, I’ve decided to try a week-detox cure and chose the « Green Warrior » one.

Also because it’s near my home and they use organic, seasonal and local foodstuffs.
But first of all, how does it work?
– You choose your kind of detox: combinated with a meal for beginners, multi juice-detox or the green ones for those who’ve already done a detox (more difficult!)
– You can have a 1 day-, 3 day-, 5 day- or 7 day-cure and choose when it starts.
– Deliveries are between 6:30 and 9:30 AM, and the deliverer won’t ring to let you sleep :) – good point –
-A delicious Ginger-lemonade to kick off the day, a glass of almond milk to finish it and in between, tasty juices every 2 hours.. so all day long ! :)
In your juices you can taste ingredients such as: Kale, cucumber, apple, spirulina, etc.
They just are so yummy!
Day by day:
The first day is easy, as most of you’ve already had a day without meal: because of your job, or you sleep until afternoon, etc.
The second day is a little bit more difficult as you begin to really feel like chewing something, even if you’re not hungry.. Personally, I think that’s the worst part but it’s the same for all detox cures anyway ! :)
Third day and until the end: Paradise! You won’t be hungry, your skin starts to become more beautiful already, you’ll sleep less but better cause you’re not digesting heavy meals.
I had a 5 day-detox juices cure and it helped me to get stronger, to readjust my meal quantities and their quality… you should try it! Even if it’s just for one day!
Just check on their Facebook account to get a discount, they often have special offers :)
If you need more information about your cure, do not hesitate: write me here.
See you soon peeps! Xxx