Ilenia Toma du blog Ilivanilli  a tout récemment essayé notre cure First Date. Elle l’a faite en même temps que son ami Simon Nygard , toute l’expérience a été photographiée par la talentueuse Jen Ries. On a adoré pouvoir lire deux feedbacks en parallèle, de la part de deux personnes faisant la cure en même temps. On se réjouit que vous découvriez la suite (en anglais) !




Yesterday me and Simon did a detox day with Fit’n’Tasty. The last time I did a detox,

I did it by my self and it’s really hard to do it if someone is eating in front of you during lunch and dinner.

So this time we decided to do it together,

and in fact, it was much easier this way.

We did the First Date program, which includes 6 juices for one whole day.

We started at 9am with the Fuel Me (ginger, lemon, water).

The taste of this one was bitter and because of that you can reduse your apetite, what was really helpful as we are always very hungry in the morning!

At 12pm we had our second bottle, Deep Clean (apple, pear, spinach, cucumber, spirulina)

You could have a small meal with it if you like but we decided to do only the juices.

Arround 2pm my headache started, which I knew will come sooner or later. So I had to cheat with a coffee.

After the coffee I felt better!
3pm I had my third juice, Pimp Me Up (carrot, apple, kiwi).

I loved this one, sweet and tasty, really satisfying.

At 6pm we opened juice number four, the Beet The Stress (beetroot, apple, carrot, parsley, lemon).

Until now I felt good, better then during my last detox day.

I think the last time I was generally tired and low on energy already as I started the detox,

the very cold weather didnt make it easier either.

Juice number five we drank arround 9pm, the Dr. Green (apple, kale, celery, lemon).

A really nice green juice if you like celery.

I wasn’t that hungry during the whole day, so the day went by easy.

A big help for me was to drink alot water and coconut water.

Our last juice we had right before bed, the Detox In Green (cucumber, celery, lettuce, spinach, lemon).

This one was the only one I didn’t enjoy, it was too ‘green’ for me.

I like green juices but they have to be a little bit sweet though.

Now it’s 10am the day after the detox day, I’m writing this blogpost with a muesli and a coffee, I feel very good and if I think about yesterday I’m really happy we did this detox.
I will definately do another detox-day next month!

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