Skills Athletes Training Club – Berlin

Functional fitness is the newest buzzword in the fitness scene; it’s not just about seeing results — it’s about conditioning your body to function correctly during day-t0-day activities like lifting your kids out of their car seat or carrying a box of books up the stairs.

 It’s ultimately derived from the bodies natural movement patterns and the need to be able to perform a range of varying tasks each day; across the body’s planes (directions) of movement.

It was originally employed by physical therapists rehabilitation enters  in order to heal people after accidents, but has now found a new lease of life in assisting with a variety of different
day-to-day activities. Workouts strike a good balance between increasing the range of motion, strength and ability for the individual through a variety of different tasks depending on their needs. Think kettle bells and dumbbells but also flexibility and balance training.
Functional training includes:
  • Working with TRX
  • Working with medicine balls
  • Swiss balls
  • Box jumps
  • Battling rope drills

Sounds a bit like crossfit? Yes, they are similar. But the difference is that in crossfit, exercises are time-based and people try to get as many reps as possible into a short time frame. As a result, form is often neglected and crossfitters can get injured very easily.

Our Fit ‘n’ Tasty team has tested some studios in Switzerland including Balboa in Zurich or My Private Gym in Geneva and we are hooked!


Balboa – Zurich


My Private Gym – Zurich