There are hundreds of different bottles that are graciously lining in the aisles of all supermarkets. All of them have vibrant colours and attractive logos that are holding our attention. All of them are claiming to be full of vitamins, healthy, full of vitality, but are they really?

1.Every juices in our supermarkets are pasteurised

Even the 100% fruit juice are treated in a harsh manner when they are heated during the pasteurisation. It’s such a shame knowing that the process takes off about 80% of the vitamins. Which ingredients last? Sugar, and maybe a bit of water. It justifies  their low price. At Fit ‘n’ Tasty we choose not to pasteurise our juices. When you receive our juices in the morning, they have been pressed just the day before and don’t contain any conservatives. The freshest of the fresh!

2.Other juices are made out of concentrated powder

You’ll have understood by now, what makes the difference in a juice is its ingredients. Using concentrated aliments, pasteurised and mixed with water doesn’t do to much good to our health. Those concentrated powders are sometimes kept up to three years and come from the other side of the world. Pineapple, pear, all the tastes are available and low cost. Luckily at Fit ‘n’ Tasty we press our juice the day before you drink it and they stay healthy during their whole life! The fruit are always fresh. Yes, it makes a difference.

3.Other juices have lots of added sugar

Often concentrated aliments aren’t really tasty! To increase their sales, our dear manufacturers add sugar in their juices to make our taste buds go crazy. Soon we will be used to that sugary taste and we won’t even be satisfied with natural juices! It is now time to accustom again your taste buds to the real taste of nature. Our juices have no additives. They are extremely tasty as we are using season fruit and veggies that are perfectly fresh. No need to add any mumbojumbo to them.

4.Other juices aren’t cold-pressed

This technique probably doesn’t say much to you but is highly important to us. Our juices are cold-pressed which keeps all the enzymes inside the bottle. The heat generated by the extractors of normal juices is way too high and prevents us to actually enjoy the real benefits of the fruit. We are using a very special machine that squeeze the fruit rather than centrifuge them. It unfortunately costs a lot and isn’t easy to have at home.

5.Other juices aren’t very often local

It’s quite hard to find a green juice as local as Fit ‘n’ Tasty’s. Our products are local and have a way higher quality than the ones you find in supermarkets. Who needs papaya, mango or oranges to fill up with vitamins when our lovely country is full of rich fruits and veggies! They are also extremely fresh and when they go inside our cold-pressed machine, they often just have been harvested. It is really important to produce nutritive juices that lead to a good health.

Conclusion: Why drink juices that don’t bring us any benefits? We highly recommend to make your own juice with your own selection of fruits and vegetables. Drink a juice once a day is a good way to keep your health at it’s best. Juices can be an asset to your health that is more powerful than you think, and also help prevent from different kinds of sickness.

Now you just need to juice up!