Where to find us ?

Where to find us ?2018-09-25T10:57:17+00:00

Craving for a take away juice? Find them here in Switzerland.

All of the juices we sell in shop are cold-pasteurized (still as fresh and full of good nutrients!)

They have a shelf life of about 25 to 40 days. Quite handy if you’re grocery shopping!


Interested to be part of our distributors ?

Get in touch with us!

 CUPPIN’S – Genève

apple Coffee shop & Boutique

noun_123389_cc Rue de la Terrassière 13, 1207 Genève

noun_70913_cc https://www.cuppins.ch/

 CUPPIN’S – Lausanne

apple Coffee shop & Boutique

noun_123389_cc Rue du Petit-Chêne 20, 1003 Lausanne

noun_70913_cc https://www.cuppins.ch/

 EPFL – Lausanne

apple Restaurant

noun_123389_cc Le Klee by Takinoa, Rolex Learning Center, EPFL, 1015 Ecublens

noun_70913_cc https://restauration.epfl.ch/


apple Coffee shop

noun_123389_cc Rue Marterey 1-3, 1005 Lausanne

noun_70913_cc http://www.thecoffeeproject.ch


apple Coffee shop

noun_123389_cc Rue du Grand-Pont 4, 1003 Lausanne

noun_70913_cc http://www.thecoffeeproject.ch


apple Restaurant

noun_123389_cc Avenue Edouard Dapples 25, 1006 Lausanne

noun_70913_cc http://www.lemontriond.ch


apple Hotel & SPA

noun_123389_cc Avenue d’Ouchy 40, 1006 Lausanne

noun_70913_cc http://www.royalsavoy.ch

TAKINOA – Eaux-Vives

apple Restaurant

noun_123389_cc Rue du Nant 12, 1207 Genève

noun_70913_cc http://www.takinoa.com

TAKINOA – Grand Pont

apple Restaurant

noun_123389_cc Rue du Grand-Pont 4, 1004 Lausanne

noun_70913_cc http://www.takinoa.com

TAKINOA – Fnac Café

apple Restaurant

noun_123389_cc Rue de rive 16, 1204 Genève

noun_70913_cc http://www.takinoa.com




apple Restaurant

noun_123389_cc Place Bel-Air 5, 1260 Nyon

noun_70913_cc http://www.takinoa.com

Amavita Place de la Palud – Nutribio

apple Drugstore & Delicatessen

noun_123389_cc Place de la Palud 23, Lausanne

noun_70913_cc https://www.amavita.ch/fr/amavita-la-palud


apple Online shop

noun_123389_cc Deliveries in Suisse Romande

noun_70913_cc https://www.farmy.ch/

Fitness Waaah – Lausanne

apple Fitness

noun_123389_cc Rue Langallerie 9, Lausanne

noun_70913_cc https://waaah.ch




Curves Fitness – Genève Acacias

apple Fitness Club

noun_123389_cc Rue Eugene Marziano 16, 1227, Genève Les Acacias

noun_70913_cc http://www.curves.eu/clubs/curves-genevelesacacias

Aquatis – Lausanne

apple Aquarium Vivarium

noun_123389_ccRoute de Berne 144, 1010 Lausanne Vaud


Hotel Chalet D’Adrien – Verbier

apple Hotel

noun_123389_ccRoute des Creux 91, 1936 Verbier

noun_70913_cc http://chalet-adrien.ch/en/

Diet & Fit – Morges & Nyon

apple Nutrition center

noun_123389_ccRue Louis de Savoie 76, 1110 Morges ET Allée de la Petite Prairie 14, 1260 Nyon

noun_70913_cc https://www.facebook.com/ks.diet.9

Silver Sport – Rougemont

apple Sport shop

noun_123389_ccLa Sapinière – Rougemont

noun_70913_cc https://silversport.ch/

Manor Vevey

apple Food Store

noun_123389_cc Av. Géneral Guisan 1, 1800 Vevey

noun_70913_cc https://www.manor.ch/store-finder/store/VEV


Manor Chavannes de Bogis

apple Food Store

noun_123389_cc Chemin Industriel, 1279 Chavannes-de-Bogis (à la sortie d’autoroute de Coppet)

noun_70913_cc https://www.manor.ch/store-finder/store/CHA

Manor Genève 

apple Food Store

noun_123389_cc Rue Cornavin 6, 1201 Genève

noun_70913_cc https://www.manor.ch/store-finder/store/GEN

Manor Nyon

apple Food Store

noun_123389_cc Rue de la Gare 35, 1260 Nyon

noun_70913_cc https://www.manor.ch/store-finder/store/NYO

Manor Basel

apple Food Store

noun_123389_cc Greifengasse 22, 4005 Bâle

noun_70913_cc https://www.manor.ch/store-finder/store/BAS

Manor Basel St Jakob Park 

apple Food Store

noun_123389_cc St. Jakobs-Str. 397, 4002 Bâle

noun_70913_cc  https://www.manor.ch/store-finder/store/BSJ

Manor Emmen Center

apple Food Store

noun_123389_cc Emmen Center, 6032 Emmen

noun_70913_cc https://www.manor.ch/store-finder/store/EMM

Manor Vésenaz 

apple Food Store

noun_123389_cc Route de Thonon 40, 1222 Vesenaz

noun_70913_cc https://www.manor.ch/store-finder/store/VES

Manor Lugano

apple Food Store

noun_123389_cc Salita Chiattone 10, 6900 Lugano

noun_70913_cc  https://www.manor.ch/store-finder/store/LUG

Manor Vezia

apple Food Store

noun_123389_cc Via San Gottardo 34, 6943 Vezia

noun_70913_cc https://www.manor.ch/store-finder/store/VEZ

Manor Morges

apple Food Store

noun_123389_cc Grand-Rue 46, 1110 Morges

noun_70913_cc https://www.manor.ch/store-finder/store/MOR