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Why should I do a cleanse?2019-08-22T08:54:16+00:00

Are you always tired, constipated, get sick easily or can’t get rid of those few extra kilos? A cleanse might be just the thing you need. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for this timeout. Cleansing gives your digestion a break and allows the freed up energy to be used for other important processes in your body. You are giving your body the chance to recharge, strengthen it’s immune system and reset your metabolism. Most people experience a huge increase in their energy levels and are much more ready to stick to their healthy lifestyle habits afterwards.



What does ‘cold-pressed’ mean?2019-08-22T08:41:06+00:00

We recently switched from our beloved cold-press Norwalk machine to a X1 Cold Press Juicer from Pomeroy Equipment (Good Nature) to accommodate for the increased amount of orders that we have been getting. Thanks for the Fit ‘n’ Tasty love!

But what is cold pressing? It is a method of juicing where the juice is extracted by pressing instead of grinding. When blended or grinded with a traditional centrifugal machine, heat is added and the products are exposed to air, causing the fruits and veggies to oxidize and degrade. With a cold press machine however, the products remain unheated, and keep all their vital nutrients, minerals and enzymes. This extraction method is the best of the best! In fact, research shows that cold press juicers like the one we use ensure the product retains double the level of nutrients to those processed by their centrifugal counterparts. It is the closest thing to raw, pure fruits and vegetables, and enables you to consume a large amount of nutrients that you would otherwise not be able to eat.

How often can I detox?2019-08-22T08:41:31+00:00

This is a personal decision. Many people detox with the changing of the season or when they feel flu coming on. With today’s stressful lifestyle and high pollution levels, you may opt to cleanse more regularly. Regardless of wether you cleanse for 5 days once every 3 months or for 1 day once every two weeks, your body will thank you and keep in optimal shape, inside and out.



Can I do a cleanse if I am pregnant or nursing?2019-08-22T08:41:55+00:00

We don’t recommend only juice diets while you are pregnant or nursing. However, it is a great supplement to your current diet and will add extra nourishment to your body during a time where your body needs it most. In any case, consult your doctor first to see if our program is right for you.




For how many days should I detox?2019-08-22T08:42:20+00:00

This is totally up to you, and will depend on your current level of health and your goals. Just remember that our programs are no quick fix and a transition to a healthy lifestyle takes time!

The longer the cleanse, the more intense your experience will be and the more time your body has to eliminate all the toxins that have built up over time. However, listen to your body. If you are new to detoxing, we recommend you to start with 3 days. You can always increase to 5 days once you feel more comfortable. We advise you to plan your cleanse ahead and avoid it during stressful times or holidays where you are surrounded by food or have dinner dates to go on.

Do I need to do any preparation before I start?2019-08-22T08:42:57+00:00

We recommend that you cut out alcohol, processed foods, excess salt, white flour and bread products a couple of days before the program and load up on fresh fruits and veggies. You should also avoid eating meat, fish or dairy products the day before you start your cleanse. This will make the transition a lot easier and help to start the process.

What if I suffer from food allergies and/or intolerances?2019-08-22T08:43:27+00:00

All our juices are lactose and gluten free. In fact, there is absolutely nothing added to our juices but juice! That is the beauty of our juices, they don’t contain any of the nasties such as additives and preservatives that conventional store-bought products have. If you have any fruit or vegetable allergies please take contact with us via phone or email and we will work it out!



Can I still work out?2019-08-22T08:44:08+00:00

Yes! While you might be tired and exhausted on the first day, energy levels usually sky rocket after and you will feel ready to move your body. Since the body is not using up energy for digestion, you’ll have extra energy for other activities, including exercise. In fact, moving your body will help eliminate toxins. We suggest light runs, power walks and yoga or pilates.



How much weight can I loose with the program?2019-08-22T08:44:46+00:00

The scale might show less, but this is mainly due to a reduction in water retention and the fact that you have no food in your stomach. Anyways, we like to think of our nutritional cleanse not as a way to lose weight, but as your first step towards a healthier lifestyle. It allows your system to rebalance itself and will eliminate cravings that you previously had. This in turn will make it easier for you to eat healthy once the cleanse is over. Repeated cleansing over a period of time however, is the perfect way for your body to find its right weight in the long-run.



What can I drink during the cleanse?2019-08-22T08:45:20+00:00

Water, water and more water. You should be aiming to drink between 1.5 and 2 litres of water and/or herbal teas a day. It is important to keep well hydrated as thirst can often be mistaken by the body as hunger. Still water is better for you than sparkling water, for numerous reasons.

Alcohol, coffee and soda during your cleanse is a big no-go. In fact, we don’t ever recommend it. It will defeat the whole purpose of the detox and we hope that you have the strength to abstain for the duration of your cleanse.



What if I’m hungry?2019-08-22T08:45:42+00:00

If you really feel like you’re starving, don’t hesitate to make yourself a giant bowl of salad, as long as it’s healthy.
It’s often the case, however, that you are not really hungry, rather it is the feeling of an empty stomach or the ritual of eating that makes you think that you are hungry. You are not hungry, you simply have an appetite. Drink some more water, the chances are it will pass. Brushing your teeth helps to make you feel like you have just finished a meal. Also, make sure to spread the juices out over the day and take your time to drink them (1/2 hour per bottle). If all else fails, grab a handful of unsalted nuts or some raw vegetable or fruit.

I haven’t gone to the bathroom at all. Is that normal?2019-08-22T08:46:08+00:00

Reduced input usually means reduced output. This is normal! And it will all flush out at some point! On the other hand, some people need to go to the bathroom more often than others, as they are not used to consuming so much liquid. Either way, it is part of the process and completely normal and safe.


How many calories are in a cleanse?2019-08-22T08:46:41+00:00

The juices are all between 90 and 120 calories. But we can’t count calories during juice fasting like any other diet, as the juices coming out of raw fruits and vegetables are much better assimilated by your organism.

Also we recommend for beginners to take the First Date option which allows for a lunch break, which adds calories to your daily consumption.

 We encourage our customers not to think in calories. We concentrate on nutritional values essentially. Our Fit ‘n’ Tasty programs are a big boost in enzymes, minerals and vitamins!

How will I feel?2019-08-22T08:47:05+00:00

It all depends on what your current diet is like. The more unhealthy food, alcohol, coffee and soda you have been consuming, the more toxins the body will have to eliminate. For example, when the body is eliminating coffee, side effects include headaches, nervousness and shakiness. Other symptoms can be bad skin (which clears up after) or bad body odor. But remember, all of these are signs that the detox is working and you should embrace it! We highly recommend that you drink a lot of water during the program to help flush out all the toxins. You can also go for a walk to get fresh air or take a hot bubble bath to reduce symptoms.



How long is the shelf life of the juices?2019-08-22T08:47:38+00:00

In order to keep all the vitamins and nutrients of our wonderful fruits and vegetables as much as possible, the juices are freshly cold pressed and not heat-pasteurized. This means that the juices stay fresh for 4 days after delivery. This is why cleanse programs of 5 or more days are delivered in several installments and you need to start the program as soon as you receive them.

If you wish to keep them longer, please mention it during your online order, and we can send you cold pasteurised versions (dedicated to our shops, distributors and partners). 

It is  also not a problem to freeze them once received. You may lose a few of the vitamins but the loss is minor. Make sure the bottles are not full to the top before freezing them. If they are, just take a little sip before putting them in the freezer.

When can I start?2019-08-22T08:48:06+00:00

It takes two full working days from when you register to receive your first delivery. Our delivery days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For example, you can place an order until Sunday midnight to start your cleanse Tuesday morning.

How do I order?2019-08-22T08:48:32+00:00