Order and payment

Please make your selection among our Fit’n’Tasty products, such as cleanses, or juices and shots individually.

Once your cart is full, we will simply ask you for your contact details and the delivery date.

In order to facilitate the delivery, please indicate any relevant information that could help the delivery (wo)man to find you. Please indicate a “real” address, for instance, PO boxes cannot be delivered.

The payment can be made by Paypal (using a Paypal account) or by credit card. For special cases, it is possible to pay by bank transfer (e-banking or at your bank directly) or with LaPoste. Send us an email at info@fitntasty.ch to make a request.

Note : It can sometimes happen that a shortage of one of our ingredients or allergies lead to certain changes in your order, most often minimal. If so, we thank you in advance for your understanding.



For all detox programs, you will receive a guide which will help you prepare for this magic adventure. The guide is sent electronically in the order confirmation email (you will find a link in the email confirmation).

We advise you to read the guide carefully before the program starts as it explains the basics of detox, but also how to prepare in the run up to the first day of your program.

We recommend that you do not start the cleanse on the same day of delivery, but rather on the following day or within the shelf life of your juices. The juices can be delivered up to 9:30 am, it would be a shame to miss the first juice “jumping out of bed” ! 


We deliver with Swiss Post.


We deliver across Switzerland, directly to your home or office.
We don’t have a juice collection option yet. Thank you for your understanding!


Except for exceptional cases, our partner Swiss Post delivers on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, between 6:30 and 9 am by Swiss Post Express mail.

The delivery (wo)man will leave the box in your letter box or in front of your door (or your building door). Attention, he  may not always ring, to avoid waking you up. Therefore, you don’t need to be present to sign for it – the delivery man will leave the box in any case.

We still strongly advise you to be present in the morning, in order to avoid stealing or any other issues. In case you leave early, the best is to ship the juices to your office directly.

Make sure to check your mail box and front door, it is important to put the juices in the fridge as soon as possible !


Except for special cases, the 1-day to 5-day programs are delivered all at once, and the 7-day programs are delivered in 2 installments.

The juices are delivered in an icebox, that means the juices stay cold until you go back home, until 7:00PM.


As soon as you receive the juices, it is important to put them in the fridge and keep them there! We can only guarantee our products freshness if you receive them before 7:00PM (in the evening).

Our juices are cold pasteurized and therefore stored chilled. Check the shelf life of each juice, you will need to finish them by then. The shelf life of the juices you receive varies depending on our stocks, but we guarantee a minimum of 7 days shelf life when you receive them. More information about cold pasteurization.

What to do if delivery does not arrive?

The delivery (wo)man will leave the box in your letter box or in front of your door (or your building door). Make sure to check everywhere.

If there is still nothing at 10:00AM, you can inform us by email (by responding directly to the order confirmation email) or by phone. We will follow up with Swiss Post and keep you updated by email or phone.


And make sure you shake the juices before drinking them to mix up the fruits and vegetables properly!

Enjoy your juices!