Information about the Covid-19:

With the current pandemic situation, we are always open and producing our juices for your cleanses and other products. So you can as usual, put orders, and the items will be delivered as requested.

However, as we deliver by Post in Express, and measures have been taken to protect their employees, deliveries may be delayed by a few hours.

We guarantee that deliveries will be made on the requested day, but no later than 12h (noon). Thank you for your understanding.


Order and payment

Once you have chosen your products, we will simply ask you for your contact details for the delivery, and the date you wish to get the products delivered. You will then receive an email confirmation with the instructions payment.

The payment can be made by bank transfer (e-banking or at your bank directly), by Paypal (using a Paypal account or a credit card) or by going to your post office (you will need the details of our bank account and have to fill out an empty BVR. N.B. – Don’t forget to mention that the destination bank is UBS Lausanne).


We deliver across Switzerland
Directly to your home or office.
We don’t have a juice collection option yet. Thank you for your understanding!

We deliver in the mornings, between 6:30 and 9 am by La Poste Express mail. The juices will be delivered in an icebox so they stay fresh until you wake up and collect them from your letter box or your front door.

Orders are delivered only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. We recommend starting your cleanse on the day of your delivery. The juices are fresh with all nutrients for at least 7 days after delivery.


The 1-day to 5-day programs are delivered all at once. The 7-day programs are delivered in 2 installments. The juices are delivered in an icebox, that means the juices stay cold for longer. Please make sure you put all the juices in the refrigerator as soon as they are delivered!

The delivery man from La Poste will ring at your door or will leave the box in your letter box (or in front of your door). The delivery man may not always ring, particularly if he arrives really early, so make sure you check your entrance to see if the box has been left (it should be there by 9am). You don’t need to be present to sign for it – the delivery man will leave it in any case.


For all detox programs, you will receive a guide which will help you prepare for this magic adventure. The guide is sent electronically in the order confirmation email (you will find a link in the email confirmation). You should read the guide carefully before the program starts as it explains the basics of detox, but also how to prepare in the run up to the first day of your program.


As soon as you receive the juices, it is important to put them in the fridge and keep them there! Our juices are cold pasteurised and have a shelf life of 7 days minimum. They will stay fresh in their icebox during delivery, but we can’t guarantee the freshness if you don’t store the juices in the morning. If you think you may not be there for the delivery or have already gone for work, we advise you to deliver them to your office.

And make sure you shake the juices before drinking them to mix up the fruits and vegetables properly!

Enjoy your juices!