Who’s hiding behind Fit ‘n’ Tasty flavors? Zoom in our lab where summer mood is on even during our cold winters! 

Why do you like working here?
Ederson: The place is spacious, luminous, above all its colors and smells fill us with pleasure. We share our lab with caterer ParisZurich, lucky us. 
Alison: Especially because we can have apples all day long! (laughs)
Célia: Team is amazing and there is a great atmosphere!

What’s your favourite juice to produce?
Ederson: Pimp me up because…it is super easy! Please take notes of  the transcription’s transparency!
Alison: The Morning shot!

What’s your favourite juice?
Célia: Pimp me up for sure!
Alison: No doubt, the Morning shot! Condensed, strong, full of energy, there couldn’t be any more relevant juice for this one!
Ederson: Fresh eden! Would its tropical taste be close to Brasil?

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Célia & Alison: Uhm…  chocolate? Yay me too, as swiss people mostly do?
Ederson: Beer, coffee chocolate… but above all cheese with marmalade! Indeed it seems uncommon but you would be surprised! 

Do juices’ recipes ever change? 
Ederson & Alison: Of course! Recipes are adapted, meaning that adjustements are necessary because of some fruits and vegetables tastes differ from one season to another. Improvements are made at the flavour level, for instance switching of apple type to see if its sweetness would result tastier or not… Then, for example, we look for tips to mitigate the celery taste, which is not well loved by everyone. 

What do you do for fun at work?
Célia: Music is a must!
Alison: Actually I always bring my speaker to connect to music radios. When i’m not here, colleagues can’t do without it no more! True story. As the tasks are mainly manual, we make that brain work with music! Also we do speed challenges supported with some pride, even funnier!   
Ederson: You do not know brazilian pride… Impossible to work with them without pressure and laughs!

What music to press juices?
Ederson: Lately it has been latino! Brazil, get out of his mind…
Alison: Any! Switching music genre maintains energy. Right now I am about to play some electro to give people a boost! Well, it is accoring to our Dj’s mood.

To Ederson: What’s a Brazilian who speaks german doing in Switzerland pressing juices?
Ederson: No I don’t speak well german…  – modesty belongs to its greatest qualities!  Call me a brazilian canadien who speaks french, english, portuguese and a bit of german… Alison: Who followed his wife here (laughs) ! And we are glad about it.

AlisonRule n°1: It is always my fault, never the machine’s!
Rule n°2: If not my fault, please refer to rule n°1!
The rule came in when I misplaced the bottle during the bottling and that everything splashed!
Ederson:  At Fit ‘n’ Tasty, anything is possible !