What is with additives? Unfortunately they are far too prevailing in food product consumption. They are 5 big additives family:
– food coloring (E100 to E199)
– preservatives (E200 to E299): indispensable to prevent mold spread
– antioxidants (E300): preventing fruits to darken
– texturing agents (E400)
– flavour enhancer (E600)
One in four additives are dangerous to health, even harmful! Here’s a list of the main additives to avoid from.

1. Acesulfame K (E950)
Apparently carcinogenic to humans according to animal testing.  
Found in: sodas, fruit juices, syrups, dairy drinks, candies, pastries, desserts, ready meals, sauces

2. Fructose glucose syrup
A sweetener transformed from maize starch, mainly compound with glucose.
Found in: industrial pastries, fruit biscuits, dyrups, marmalades,  sodas, sauces, charcuterie

3. Refined flour
Once the grain layers and nutritives elements have been removed, the flour is being bleached with chlorine dioxide, chark, alum and amonium, resulting attractive to the consumer eyes. Potassium bromate – a powerful carcinogenic oxidizer that is harmful for cells – is added in the end.
Found in: industrial pastries and biscuits, white bread, sandwich bread

4. Sodium benzoate (E211)
The additive most likely to causes asthma, urticaria, cutaneous symptoms, but above all hyperactivity regarding children! It is considered as potentially carcinogenic  and toxic to neurons.
Found in: industrial pies, marmalades, sodas

5. Artificial coloring (E1**)
According to the american pediatrician academy, hyperactivity has officially been linked to artificial food colouring consumption!
Found in: candy, margarine, cheese, marmalades, desserts, drinks

6. Sodium nitrate (E251)
Really toxic one! Besides being carcinogenic, nitrites prevent oxygen flow, which is far more dangerous for children. Consuming large quantities causes nausea, dizziness, irregular heartbeat and even gastroenteritis. Within small quantities, it can bring amnesia, nephritis, anemia, and destroy vitamins.
Found in: industrial charcuterie, processed meats, cheese

7. MSG (E621)
One of the most contested additives! In large quantities, it would be fatal to neurons. It is suspected to play a role in diseases development such as Alzheimer, Parkinson,…
Found in: industrial soups, flavoured chips, ready meals, broths

8. Aspartame (E951)
Carcinogenic, it belongs to industrial glutamate (right above), the most contested additives. Presented as a slow poison with adverse effects, the secondary effects mainly refer to the deregulation of weight, the formation of diverse forms of cancer as well as effects on the brain. It would cause or amplify emotional disorders, headaches, insomnias, crisis and even depressions. Also, it is an inefficient sweetener for diabetics!

9. Trans fats
By removing natural saturated fats from nutrition such as butter, trans fats consumption is being encouraged, with margarine for instance. Trans fats are oils made solid through hydrogenation. Those denatured oils increase “bad” blood lipids and inflammation, which are linked to breast, colon and prostate cancer. The thing is, it is not always mentioned on tags as it can appear during cooking, such as high temperature fryings.
Found in: biscuits, industrial pastries, cereals, breads, puff pastries…

10. Sulfites (E221 & E225)
These additives ruin vitamin B1 and activate bacteria spread that are responsible for intestinal troubles. In case of unbalanced diet, it can cause gastric irritation and other digestive disorders.
Found in: frozen fries, canned fruits, wine

No panic, food additives aren’t considered dangerous as long as their consumption remains low. However, it is highly recommended to avoid ready meals, industrial drinks and lightened products. As the saying goes, we are our own best advocates! 😉