We all live very exciting lives where there is always something to do, to try, to experience,… Basically, we are way too often busy and focused on our goals and to-do lists rather than ourselves. Even if we say we take time for ourselves we often forget how important it is to do it on a daily basis! To manage to get some quality time between you and yourself. Create moments of peace, workouts, mindfulness to create a routine that will make you happier and happier.

Here are a few things that we think are pretty cool and makes us want to create a healthy routine.

1. Have a healthy morning wake up drink

Our own special favourite is a cup of hot water, with the juice of half a lemon, a bit of fresh ginger, a splash of cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar. It is the BOMB!at first the smell of the vinegar will probably NOT be a turn on. But the benefits for your guts and your general health is just worth it!

You can also go for our really yummy juice Fuel me, the perfect wake up juice based with water,lemon and ginger (yes that’s it!!) It’ll wake you up in no time!

2. Meditate & relax

The benefits of meditation on your body are just insane. It will not only make you feel more energised, present and relaxed but it’ll also help your body rejuvenate on the long run. Allow yourself to have a 15 minutes meditation every morning if you can or just now and then to let you find your inner-self.

3.Go out & take breaks!

Do you work in an office or study inside all day? Allow yourself to take some fresh breaks, go out and breathe, walk around your building or just sit and enjoy the sun when it’s sunny! It’ll give you boost and energy for the rest of the day and help you be more efficient. If you are sporty and like the outdoor don’t hesitate to take your workout outside! Go for a bike ride, run on a trail or by the lake, walk your dog,… The more time you spend outside the more you will gain energy and positivity. I know it’s probably hard when it’s grey and raining, BUT at least when you get back inside you’ll feel warm and you’ll really enjoy that hot chocolate or tea 😉

4. Be grateful

Remind yourself of what makes you happy every day, it can be the cup of tea you’re having on your terrace, the book your reading, the laughter of your children, the sun shining outside, … Just think of the things that you are grateful for when you wake up. You’ll tend to see life like glass that’s half full instead of half empty.

5. Socialize

You work too much? Don’t have time to see your friends or kids? Then take the time to make some time. Change your habits and turn them around what makes you feel happier. You felt like going for a walk, invite a friend! Did you feel like cooking Chinese tonight? Teach it to your kids. And so on… You can always find time, it’s just a matter of perspective and willingness.

We hope you liked this article, and if you have any daily rituals that you would like to share don’t hesitate to tell us! We’re always on the lookout for some new ideas!