Nowadays we all aspire to a healthy and fit life. The Internet is full of apps, sport coaches that are here to help you exercise yourself and learn how to eat better and so on. But sometimes it’s hard to find the right exercise for the right person at right time without being to extreme. At Fit ‘n’ Tasty we decided to give you a mash up of people we follow to get inspired for our daily exercises and tips on how to find a little amount of time to do it.

Firstly define a time on when you can have 15-20 minutes for yourself. Weather it’s the morning before breakfast or the evening before dinner. It’s important to do it when you aren’t full of food 😉

Allow yourself not to respect your plans. If one day you feel like going out for a walk instead it’s perfect. Remind yourself that it’s good to exercise everyday no matter how you do it. My example, I go to a 2 hours basketball practise every Wednesday, ride to work (20 minutes overall) at least 4 times a week, go for a bigger ride (25km) at least once a week and try to stretch or do tiny workouts when i feel like it in the mornings or evenings.

People who inspire us

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Kayla Itsines

Known world wide for her BBG camps and exercises, she created many workouts you can follow on a regular basis. But she also gives you tips on how to do the perfect exercise. The best thing to do is browse her website to check out her ideas. What we did is to subscribe to her newsletter, to get any new ideas straight in our mailbox. Our own favourite is her exercise for flat abs.

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Super Model Momma

She is an amazing mum of two who created her own brand of healthy beauty products. Follow her on her instagram account  to get awesome workout inspirations that you can do in no time ! They are my own favourite !

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Rachel Brathen

And for the yoga lovers she’s the one to follow with great exercise you can adapt to your own skills