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This amazing article was written by Victoria - Sailing through fitness - one of our ambassadors! Genius swaps from bad habits to good ones. You won't even be disappointed to give up mayonnaise, we promise! The classic saying goes “working out is the easy part, what’s hard is diet”. I don’t necessarily think either are particularly easy nor are they that hard, but proper nutrition can definitely be more difficult to navigate. In today’s word of fad diets, misleading “health” food advertising and the internet breeding a ridiculous amount of false information, it’s easy to fall into a trap, thinking [...]

The famous 5 servings of fruit & and veggies a day…

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We have always been told that we should eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day. But do we really know what one portion of fruit or veggie is? Would a juice count as one? To answer all of your questions here are some facts about this saying that we heard A LOT :-) (even as adults) 1. What is exactly 1 portion of fruit or vegetables? It represents 80 or 100 grammes, which is 1 banana, 1 apple, a handful of peas, a handful of sweet corn, 1 avocado, a handful of raspberries and so on... To have a clearer [...]

Behind the scenes: superfoods

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As you probably already know, we are gagas oversuperfoods. We already talked about the benefits of themaca powder, the spirulina powder, gchia seeds, linseeds and many more…. abut this time we are here to tell you how to use our superfood KITS, with tips and tricks to add them in your every day food routine ? N°1 STARTER KIT Ideal to complement your detox or your meal programs! Inside there is: Goji berries Chia seeds Chocolate covered cranberries Mulberries Dried Mango Raw cacao nibs N°2 ENERGY BOOSTER KIT Our 5 favourite superfoods to boost your mood and energy levels. Inside there is: Raw cacao nibs Goji [...]

Spring cleansing

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With the new season coming pretty soon we wanted to talk about the cleansing ancestor, which is known as spring cleanse, fasting or Lent. Back then we didn’t really ask ourselves the question of heater or not we should do a cleanse. Each time the seasons were changing we would do a cleansing ritual. For the christians, when Spring came they would prepare to fast. That period lasts for 40 days before their biggest celebration, Easter. Nowadays, people still celebrate Lent, but on a shorter fasting period. Ideally you would also chose to remove one of your favourite meal, product [...]

Winter fruits and veggies

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  We are re-introducing you to some very special fruits and vegetables that we tend to forget, especially in winter. But who isn’t looking forward to those amazing pumpkin soups and cakes. Delicious fruit salads, actually anything that has to do with Christmas meals, dinner parties in general ;) A few vegetables are already available in autumn and still are at the end of winter, yay! Here is the list of our beloved products: Beetroot: rich in vitamins and minerals, the beetroot is a must have in our fridge! Potato: it contains many alimentary fibres but also vitamins. It is [...]

Zero waste

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NO WASTE HOMES are a high trend right now; it started with Béa Johnson a French mum of two who lives in the States with her husband, kids and dog. She decided to reduce her waste to a one-litre jar. It is an ecological movement but also an economical one. And buying in bulk stores is now more and more trendy everyday. Is it really because people feel like it is time to care about ecological issues or is it just another trend that will change in a few months? Here are a few tips on how to reduce your [...]

5 Reasons to do a cleanse before winter starts

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Winter is coming slowly and we all want to be as fresh as we were in summer. Keep that healthy balance we had with all the good fruits, smoothies, healthy dishes you tend to make on holidays ;) So let’s stay on the right path and detox before those winter holidays arrive… And here are a few reasons why we should all do it! Lets stay as cool as cucumbers! Take care of your skin While cleansing, you won’t be eating any fast foods, fatty meals or anything that would actually make your skin look poor, you are consuming fresh [...]