Easy Healthy Food Swaps – By Victoria Sardain

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About Victoria Sardain : Victoria is a wellness coach, consultant and entrepreneur who's ultimate mission is to enable people all over the world to understand their personal power. Through her monthly Brunch Club events, one-on-one coaching, Corporate Wellness Programs for companies, and her blog, she is here to spread inspiration and have a real impact on the world.   "In today’s word of fad diets, misleading “health” food advertising and the internet breeding a ridiculous amount of false information, it’s easy to fall into a trap, thinking you’re doing your body good, when really you’re [...]

Le Smart Truffe – A love story

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The Smart Cake story, like most of the good ones, is a story about love. Love for good food, love for cooking, the bond it creates with people and the kind of love that makes you change your whole life and move to another continent. Luciana Esteves, founder of the company, was born in Rio de Janeiro, and was always passionate about baking: the very first recipe she learned, at the age of 7, was actually of a fluffy chocolate cake. “I still remember the smell, and how tasty and simple it was!”, she says. Years [...]

Superfruit: pomegranate

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One superfruit that has been used for ever! – Considered as a superfruit, pomegranate has protecting effects against oxidant stress, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, inflammatory reactions and some cancers. A real health elixir due to its high polyphenols level – which are strong antioxidants three times more elevated than green tea ones – as well as vitamins B6, B9 and C. - Pomegranate protects against cardiovascular diseases and delays the appearance of arteriosclerosis (the thickening, tightening and elasticity loss of arteries).  - It would protects brain from dementia and from diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer due to its neuroprotective effect.  -  [...]

Cold brew coffee

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For any amateur, cold brew coffee is a refreshing alternative enabling a totally new tasting angle.  – Concept Contrary to what might be assumed, it ain't an iced-coffee made from an expresso served with ice cubes. That is simply a coffee obtained without heat, thus cold-extracted for a long time.  Process Coffee beans are coarse-grounded and then soaked into water for about twenty hours. Infusion must be long as the water used is at room temperature or chilled. Finally, beans are filtered from water and coffee is ready for tasting! Taste To the palate, flavors are much different. Coffee acidity [...]

Carbs: review

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- Between diets, gym programs or even diseases, we are meant to believe that carbohydrates should be banned! Shall we know that carbs are present amongst vegetables, so no need to make a whole dish ;-) Roughly speaking Carbohydrates give body cells energy so they can communicate between them. Once eaten, carbs turn quickly into glucose that allows many cells to function, such as the brain's ones! The brain would need about 140 grams of carbs a day. There are the simply carbohydrates - called quick-release sugar, which quickly increase the blood sugar level; and the complex sugars - called [...]

Which foods for which vitamins?

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Vitamins are divided into two groups; water-soluble vitamins means that the body will expulse what it can not absorb (vitamins B and C); fat-soluble vitamins where leftovers are stored in the liver and fat tissues (vitamins A, D, E, K). VITAMIN A Immune vitamin, it is essential to mucous health, as well as the skin and the eyes.  > Animal-source food: beef, eggs, dairy products, offal > Plant-based food: carrot, sweet potato, dark leafy greens, yellow fruits (cantaloupe, mango, apricots) VITAMIN B B vitamins are essential to cells energy production, it can be found mainly in red meats, fishes and [...]

Food additives

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  What is with additives? Unfortunately they are far too prevailing in food product consumption. They are 5 big additives family: - food coloring (E100 to E199) - preservatives (E200 to E299): indispensable to prevent mold spread - antioxidants (E300): preventing fruits to darken - texturing agents (E400) - flavour enhancer (E600) One in four additives are dangerous to health, even harmful! Here’s a list of the main additives to avoid from. 1. Acesulfame K (E950) Apparently carcinogenic to humans according to animal testing.   Found in: sodas, fruit juices, syrups, dairy drinks, candies, pastries, desserts, ready meals, sauces 2. [...]

Top 10 sun foods

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Beta-carotene is one big antioxydant, which means that it protects against light damages. As a matter of fact, consuming beta-carotene before summer is interesting to get your skin ready to sunbath. Then, this natural pigment activates melanine synthesis - melanine enhanced natural skin shade but is also protective! So, consuming beta-carotene will give you natural tanned complexion when sunlight will show up. Some even do carrot juice cleanse during winter! ;-) Generally speaking, beta-carotene is present in red yellow and orange fruits and veggies. Greens and wholegrains as well as oils do contain some as well! To make this easier, [...]

Beet highlight

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Good training session starts with beetroot juice! +  Beet is one of the richest food in nitrates - which can be found in spinach, lettuce and celery. Nitrates convert into the body as nitric oxide. Why is it important? Because nitric oxide regulates blood flow as well as metabolism! +   Enhanced blood flow reduces fatigue, giving the body endurance and performance. +   Why having beetroot one hour before training ? Reason is because of the high nitrate amount, it requires time to transform into nitric oxide. Then, nitric oxide will help increase the blood vessels’ size, enabling effective oxygen flow. [...]

4 tips & tricks on how to balance your PROTEIN diet

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We all know that we should eat more protein, to be more energetic. And we sort of know where to find it; meat, fish, eggs, and so on. But do we really know what it is? And how to properly balance it in our diet? How much do we need, and son on. Here are a few questions answered for you.   1. For starters: what’s a protein actually and why do we need it? When I started to write this article I was like, of course, I know what a protein is (as a vegetarian I have to compensate [...]