Daily rituals

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We all live very exciting lives where there is always something to do, to try, to experience,… Basically, we are way too often busy and focused on our goals and to-do lists rather than ourselves. Even if we say we take time for ourselves we often forget how important it is to do it on a daily basis! To manage to get some quality time between you and yourself. Create moments of peace, workouts, mindfulness to create a routine that will make you happier and happier. Here are a few things that we think are pretty cool and makes us [...]

Anne Sophie from thw blog Grain de sable tries our First Date cleanse

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Anne Sophie from the blog Grain de Sable tries our First Date cleanse ! She had been thinking for a while to try a cleanse, and especially to see their benefits. Well she finally did and tried with our cleanse! here is her feeback and all her thoughts on detoxing :) The detox cure are very popular in California, I have a certain curiosity with these cures, what benefits does it provide? I wanted to test a 3 days special cure detox of Fit’n tasty founded by Wendy Vanhonacker here in Romandie. How it works ? We have 6 drinking juices per [...]

Miriam du blog Currently Wearing teste nos jus !

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Miriam, our newest ambassador, from the blog Currently Wearing decided to take up on here new resolutions and try our green juices & yummy milk!! Here is her full article just for you ;-) Green Juices Keep You Mindful & Healthy      New Year, new resolutions, right? At least for most of us. I confess that I don’t like taking New Year’s resolutions. I never keep them. Don’t you find it curious that you should wait until 1 January to make radical changes to your life? I even found a book (in the self-help section of my favorite bookstore) that explained [...]

Caroline & Camilla tried our First Date cleanse

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Caroline Deschamps and Camilla Guerini, from Lymi Fashion,  a blog about fashion and beauty, tried our First Date cleanse! Here’s their experience with all their tips, do’s and don’ts when detoxing ? Enjoy! A NEW START We had always wanted to try but we had never dared. But in 2017 we did it! But what am I talking about? A detox treatment of course! Drink only juices for 3 days! As one who loves food and loves to eat, I thought it was impossible. Then with Camilla, we thought that if we did it at 2, it would surely be easier because we [...]

Spring cleansing

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With the new season coming pretty soon we wanted to talk about the cleansing ancestor, which is known as spring cleanse, fasting or Lent. Back then we didn’t really ask ourselves the question of heater or not we should do a cleanse. Each time the seasons were changing we would do a cleansing ritual. For the christians, when Spring came they would prepare to fast. That period lasts for 40 days before their biggest celebration, Easter. Nowadays, people still celebrate Lent, but on a shorter fasting period. Ideally you would also chose to remove one of your favourite meal, product [...]

Sarah Quan from the blog Fashionboho tried our Urban detox cleanse

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Blogger Sarah Quan from the blog Fashionboho tried our Urban detox cure during 3 days. It was her personal good resolution to start this new year fresh and healthy! Here’s her experience, just for you guys! MAY 2K17 BE HEALTHY Again, on a detox cure? Yepyep, believe it or not, it is actually good. I did it to start this year on the right foot, I mean, after all, the feast I had during the holidays, I felt like my body will highly appreciate it. To sum up; three days, 21 cold pressed juices (vegetables and fruits) and me, including [...]

Get ready for a nice and cosy winter

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Oh winter ! As much as we love your snow, your Christmas spirit and beautiful landscapes, you are quite cold... Especially in Switzerland and in any Nordic countries. This year we’ll have a fabulous winter, comfy but stylish clothes to wear, a nice bathroom to pamper ourselves, a cosy home to get even snugger than last year, a fresh body and skin thanks to our juices and yummy meals throughout the season. Here are a few tips on how to get organised without being a control freak either ;)    1st : sort out your closet As much as it sounds boring to [...]

5 Reasons to do a cleanse before winter starts

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Winter is coming slowly and we all want to be as fresh as we were in summer. Keep that healthy balance we had with all the good fruits, smoothies, healthy dishes you tend to make on holidays ;) So let’s stay on the right path and detox before those winter holidays arrive… And here are a few reasons why we should all do it! Lets stay as cool as cucumbers! Take care of your skin While cleansing, you won’t be eating any fast foods, fatty meals or anything that would actually make your skin look poor, you are consuming fresh [...]