Bath cleanse

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Tiredness, headaches, negative vibes? Your body is telling you that it needs to flushes toxins! The perfect activity to have during your juice cleanse. This bath will allow you to clean the organism, relieve muscles, improve sleep and reduce stress. There we go, music, candles and airplane mode on! Preparation Mineral salts will allow toxins to flush through a dehydration process. Drink a large glass of water before you go. During your bath, drink slowly sip by sip to avoid side effects. Brush your skin dry. It removes dead skin layers and its harmful agents. Hence it will accelerate de [...]

Strawberry & coconut popsicle

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A light, tasty and zero guilt summer treat! Vegan, lactose and gluten free with only 3 ingredients! (Recipe from VibrantPlate)   Ingredients for 4 servings 2 cups strawberries (prefer wild ones for taste) 1/2 can of coconut milk 1 tbsp agave syrup Toppings 2 tbsp chopped pistachios 1 tbsp dried rose petals 1 ts cacao nibs Instructions Wash and dry the strawberries. Place them in a blender, add the coconut milk and the agave syrup. Blend until smooth. Pour mixture into popsicle molds. Add pops holders and freeze. Once frozen, remove from freezer and from the mold. If stuck, add a [...]

Meet the team

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- Who's hiding behind Fit 'n' Tasty flavors? Zoom in our lab where summer mood is on even during our cold winters!  Why do you like working here? Ederson: The place is spacious, luminous, above all its colors and smells fill us with pleasure. We share our lab with caterer ParisZurich, lucky us.  Alison: Especially because we can have apples all day long! (laughs) Célia: Team is amazing and there is a great atmosphere! What's your favourite juice to produce? Ederson: Pimp me up is super easy! Please take notes of  the transcription's transparency! Alison: The Morning shot! What's [...]

The juicing truth

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Have you ever wondered why some juices separate whilst others got this uniform texture? No worries at all. Natural juices do separate, all you need is to shake it a little bit to put all together again. This dark part situated at the bottom of the bottle is no other thing but the deposit, which is literally precious. Deposit is composed by nutrients, which represent all the vegetable’s matter that is not water. Therefore, more deposit there is, the better the quality. Most of vegetables are made of water, so are fruits. As water weights lighter than vitamins and minerals, [...]

Top 10 sun foods

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Beta-carotene is one big antioxydant, which means that it protects against light damages. As a matter of fact, consuming beta-carotene before summer is interesting to get your skin ready to sunbath. Then, this natural pigment activates melanine synthesis - melanine enhanced natural skin shade but is also protective! So, consuming beta-carotene will give you natural tanned complexion when sunlight will show up. Some even do carrot juice cleanse during winter! ;-) Generally speaking, beta-carotene is present in red yellow and orange fruits and veggies. Greens and wholegrains as well as oils do contain some as well! To make this easier, [...]

Beet highlight

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Good training session starts with beetroot juice! +  Beet is one of the richest food in nitrates - which can be found in spinach, lettuce and celery. Nitrates convert into the body as nitric oxide. Why is it important? Because nitric oxide regulates blood flow as well as metabolism! +   Enhanced blood flow reduces fatigue, giving the body endurance and performance. +   Why having beetroot one hour before training ? Reason is because of the high nitrate amount, it requires time to transform into nitric oxide. Then, nitric oxide will help increase the blood vessels’ size, enabling effective oxygen flow. [...]

4 tips & tricks on how to balance your PROTEIN diet

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We all know that we should eat more protein, to be more energetic. And we sort of know where to find it; meat, fish, eggs, and so on. But do we really know what it is? And how to properly balance it in our diet? How much do we need, and son on. Here are a few questions answered for you.   1. For starters: what’s a protein actually and why do we need it? When I started to write this article I was like, of course, I know what a protein is (as a vegetarian I have to compensate [...]


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This amazing article was written by Victoria - Sailing through fitness - one of our ambassadors! Genius swaps from bad habits to good ones. You won't even be disappointed to give up mayonnaise, we promise! The classic saying goes “working out is the easy part, what’s hard is diet”. I don’t necessarily think either are particularly easy nor are they that hard, but proper nutrition can definitely be more difficult to navigate. In today’s word of fad diets, misleading “health” food advertising and the internet breeding a ridiculous amount of false information, it’s easy to fall into a trap, thinking [...]

The famous 5 servings of fruit & and veggies a day…

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We have always been told that we should eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day. But do we really know what one portion of fruit or veggie is? Would a juice count as one? To answer all of your questions here are some facts about this saying that we heard A LOT :-) (even as adults) 1. What is exactly 1 portion of fruit or vegetables? It represents 80 or 100 grammes, which is 1 banana, 1 apple, a handful of peas, a handful of sweet corn, 1 avocado, a handful of raspberries and so on... To have a clearer [...]


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This recipe was created by Stefanie - Wholesomestef - one of our ambassadors! You'll be more than happy to discover this amazing recipe just in time for this beautiful weather ;-) It’s no secret that I go nanas for bananas. A good 20% of my recipes on this blog include bananas, like my favorite post-workout green smoothie, my peanut butter covered banana snack or these vegan banana blueberry pancakes. With the scorching temperatures in Australia at the moment, it’s about time that I come up with my first nana ice cream recipe for this blog. I always have frozen bananas in [...]