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Why chose a Fit ‘n’ Tasty juice ?

2017-03-03T13:52:52+00:0021-03-16|Cleanse, Health, Infos, Infos, Infos, Nutrition|

There are hundreds of different bottles that are graciously lining in the aisles of all supermarkets. All of them have vibrant colours and attractive logos that are holding our attention. All of them are claiming to be full of vitamins, healthy, full of vitality, but are they really? 1.Every juices in our supermarkets are pasteurised Even the 100% fruit juice are treated in a harsh manner when they are heated during the pasteurisation. It's such a shame knowing that the process takes off about 80% of the vitamins. Which ingredients last? Sugar, and maybe a bit [...]

Fat meals to healthy ones

2017-03-03T14:13:50+00:0029-02-16|Health, Infos, Nutrition, Recipes|

Now more than ever we all want to eat healthy. Find the perfect dishes to cook for ourselves our family and friends. But how would you tell your son that you are replacing his regular burger with a veggie one? Or tell your husband that the thursday's pizza will be replaced by healthy focaccia? We found THE solution for you! Plenty of bloggers and cooks questionned themselves to find a solution to turn fattening dishes into healthy ones. It is with great joy that we are giving you 5 recipes of transformed dishes that will be as tasty as beautiful. [...]

[Testimonial] A day’s detox with Jen and Beauty


As if being a mother wasn't enough ! At 24, Jen also has a full time job and finds the time to write a blog: Jenandbeauty ! Who said we all had the same number of hours in a day? Her blog is like a secret journal, she shares a lot of great tips on being a mother, her birthday wishlist, interior design ideas as well as fashion inspiration. Jen told us she had not much interest in nutrition, so we tried to change her mind. Did we succeed? She tried our First Date cleanse for one day and she loved it. Here [...]