We have a little surprise for you all! Soon, Fit ‘n’ Tasty will be making its very own healthy almond milk! Exciting right? But why choose almond milk over dairy milk? Nowadays, there is a rise of allergies and intolerance to dairy products and many people are looking for alternative types of milk. Almond milk has miraculous benefits for your health, plus, it’s sweet, tasty, gentle and easy on the belly.

Let’s start by mentioning that fresh almond milk tastes absolutely delicious! It’s loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that will make your body glow from inside out!

Here are 5 health benefits of almond milk:

  1. Good blood pressure

Drinking almond milk helps reducing and maintaining blood pressure. That’s all thanks to vitamin D! This mighty vitamin will keep your whole blood system on track. Vitamin D is very hard to find when the sunny days are over, yet it is a vital element for our bodies. Almonds are the answer !

  1. Healthy heart

The big argument concerning plant-based almond milk is that there is not one bit of cholesterol in it. Studies suggest that consuming almond milk may help in reducing any risks of coronary heart disease. It contains very healthy fat that will keep your brain functioning well. The presence of potassium in almond milk also guarantees a healthier heart by reducing any stiffness and strains on the heart.





  1. Cat vision

Due to the levels of vitamin A found in almond milk, your eyes will benefit by having “the eye of the tiger”. Vitamin A influences the eye’s ability to adjust to any type of lights whether it’s very bright or extremely dark!

  1. Glowing skin

The queen of the Nile had almond drops poured in her daily bath to rejuvenate and maintain her exquisite skin. Almond milk is known for its antioxidant powers due to the large amount of vitamin E found in it. With a little dose of almond milk a day, your skin will be healthy and soft as silk.

  1. Slim and radiant

Almond milk is great if you want to get rid of excess body fat or maintain your current weight as it barely contains any calories compared to whole cows milk! It is also very good at regulating insulin which will keep your cravings under control and reduce feelings of hunger. Isn’t that miraculous?


You can find our brand new almond milk in our juice cleanses !